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    Day 929 – Copacabana

    (Photos to come)

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 929 – Copacabana”

    1. Sarah Says:

      Maybe you should listen to Tina Dickow (DK) on your Ipod. The song, Sacre Coeur, probably reflects your state of mind right now.
      Despite you have been in the same region in 1998, it can never be the same. As a Greek philosopher once said: You can never take a bath in the same river, as the river changes due to f.ex earth quakes and a change of the current, meanwhile you have changed.
      Good trip.

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Sarah…

      Tina D will be the last person I address tonight when I go to bed. Thanks.
      You´re right about the philosophy (Heraclitus, they say), Sarah, and things have changed already actually. Just arrived in Puno, Peru and the batteries are recharged even after a long day pedalling. Whether I´ve changed or Peru has, same thing, was really matters is..the change.

      Well, Tina´s calling. Gotta rest those legs before tomorrow´s cycling.


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