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    Photo Album from Argentina

    I’ve just put together a new photo album from beautiful Argentina. Personally, I think it’s one of the best/most pretty so far. But then again, that’s just me…

    Have a look!

    WT Photo Album from Argentina (180 photos)

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Photo Album from Argentina”

    1. harydial Says:

      Hey Nicolai…ur website is such an amazing window for me to dream for a world tour…that makes me bloody excited thinking about the possibility of me doing what u r currently doing now…living ur dream…and just go for it!!!!

      I was checking out some koga bikes at my local bike shop few days back…..I was just thinking do u use a rohloff speedhub on your koga or have experience with it….If I am not mistaken on ur equipment list u use shimano deore parts for ur bike….If u still are do u need to clean it (Rear derailuer & chain) so regularly with all ur hardcore travels…..as in is it high maintenance??

      And I’ve seen I know use use scwalbe tyres…its pretty bomb proof but does the tire and the bike handle well in corrugated off road with soft sand or very rough gravel road….?

      Mate thanks for reading my queries…i figured out u are on ur bike (baby) haha all day u will really know first hand how it performs…

      I am looking at either a surly long haul trucker or a Koga Bike….still deciding…

      Continue to inspire…..and leave no stones unturned

      Thank You long time….

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Harydial…

      Thanks a lot for your entry! Good to hear that WT puts a few inspiring seeds here and there.

      I use Shimano XT Deore, yes, and have been very, very pleased with it. No problems at all, really. I do make sure the chain is fairly clean most of the time, easy job. I use detergent and water. Works brilliantly. Apart from that, not a laot of maintenance.

      As for the Koga I don’t have words for my love for the bike. The Worldtraveller is a thoroughly well-built and strong machine and I can highly recommend it. Koga ougth to sponsor me, huh…

      I have no personal experience with Rohloff but have met a few ppl who’ve been very pleased with the system.

      Schwalbe is another success story. I changed my front tire last time in Uzbekistan in September 2006 and even after 28.000 km it’s still doing a great job. I hope to hit 30K! Amazing quality.

      Just go for it, Harydial! Impossible to regret a grand bike tour…

      Gotta get those stones turned…

      Cheers, Nicolai

    3. harydial Says:

      Hey Thanks Heaps Nicolai…thats great feedback…without question….
      Yeah should lobby Koga to sponsor you….!
      I will continue to immerse myself in your blog…great stuff….

      Keep turning the stones and I believe you are creating a very significant history in your lifetime on earth…..

      Safe Travels,

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