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    A Salut from the Andes…

    (Abancay, Peru, 07NOV2008)

    I finally managed to escape the ubiquitous traps and glue of Cusco. Met some really nice people that added to the difficulty of leaving. Cuscu is truly a fantastic and very lively city high up in the Andes. But I’m rolling again. Adventure (the two-wheeled kind) is back.

    2 superhilly cycling days and 200 km later, I’m now in Abancay somewhere lost in the middle of the Andes. It’s great to be back in the saddle. Cycling has been hard and demanding. Today presented me with a brutal climb from 1.800 m (hot weather, parrots everywhere, sugar cane fields, banana palms and papaya trees and a few too many sand flies to my liking, the smell of the tropics) to the Abra Sorllaca Pass at 4.000 m (cold, drizzling, windy – it all changes so rapidly here in the Andes, something I (as a Dane) am not used to at all).

    The Fruit of the Day was the superb 35 km downhill from the pass down to Abancay at 2.378 m. It was without a doubt the coolest (as in funky) and thrilling descent in WT History. Brilliant!

    It’s touch cycling here, crossing the Andes from Cusco to Nazca, but not as hard as I expected after reading a few online blogs. The mental preparation rules supreme. And the asphalt is smooth and shiny.

    Ahead of me is another 3-4 days with several 40-60 km (horizontal, that is 😉 ) ups and downs before I reach Nazca and the Peruvian coast (I see flat bitumen, high temperatures, the ocean (after nearly 3 months absense) and, well, semi-boring cycling coming up, but that’s fine for now. 2 months in the mountains have left a longing for the tropics again. No more freezing balls.

    I might not be back in Camp WT before Nazca. But do leave me a note and a thought below. I don’t have any (physical) mail box to check everyday. I miss that kind of excitement. This (WT) is my only life line to you guys & gals out there, so don’t hold yourself back. 🙂


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “A Salut from the Andes…”

    1. carolyne Says:

      Hey Nicolai
      I really do wish you had a physical mail box to send you something, but guess the electronic kind will have to suffice. Will send something your way soon…

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Carolyne, those beautiful Adelaide days (can’t believe it’s almost been a year now!) gave me enough input in my mental mail box to conquer a few more Andean mountains before I hit the hot coast again. 🙂

      Lovely kitty shots on FB, btw!

      Big hug to you and your furry lovecats.


    3. carolyne Says:

      I know! This year has passed so quickly, and I’ve (mostly) been in the same place!
      Looks like you’ve passed through some beautiful country recently, even if it has been tough riding.

      I wanted to scan & email you an article I read in the latest dumbofeather magazine, but on second thoughts I don’t think the quality of the read is worth scanning 14 or so pages (including images)…

      The kitties do photograph well, eh? They are loving the warmer weather now & not wanting to come inside till late. I know the feeling too.

      Big hug right back at you, and a kitty chirr & face rub from the girls 🙂

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