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    Polen opdateringer

    Endelig saa aabnede internet butikkerne igen efter paaske og vi har fundet tid til at opdaterer vores side lidt.
    Nyt nyhedsbrev her.

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Polen opdateringer”

    1. Søster Mette Says:

      Hvordan gik færgeturen, blev det en vÃ¥d nat? (og) hvornÃ¥r bliver der sendt billeder ud fra festen? – Har forresten service stÃ¥ende fra festen, hvis nogen mangler 🙂 – Ja det er sku ingen badeferie drenge 😉 😉

    2. Pedallo Pete Says:

      I logged on to find out where you are, what you are doing etc….but can’t find anything, apart from the log thing.

      Please put (or have someone put) details on your front page as to where you are currently, where you are going next and what has happened recently.

      A map would be good on the front page with two little bikes to show how far you have got.

      People want to follow your progress, but it has to be quick and easy. Sometimes at the end of a working day people might just want to come in and quickly check to see how you are doing. They don’t want to wade through pages of irrelevant stuff when they just want a simple update.

      Very best wishes for your trip…let us all know how you are getting on though!



    3. Pablo Says:

      Hi Pete –

      You have a point there. We have been talking about how to make it more accesable info and we’ll try to make the changes in the near future. Thanks for the feedback.


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      WORLDTRAVELLER.DK » Blog Archive » Poland updates!Polen opdateringer

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