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    Day 949 – Nazca -> Ica (hospedaje)

    Nazca -> Ica (hospedaje)
    Distance (km) : 150
    Time on bike : 6h 47m
    Brutto time: 07.50 – 17.30
    Avg : 22.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 88.0 (!)
    Total (km) : 37.728
    Altitude (end of day): 420 m

    (Text to come…)

    Leaving Nazca and Walter at the super hospitable Los Montes Hostal...

    In Nazca and ready for the Panamerica Hwy...

    French tandem cyclists Robert et Marise. Nazca, Peru.

    Nicolai at the Nazca Lines

    Nazca geoglyphs.

    In the desert...Betw. Nazca and Ica, Peru.

    Arid cycling north of Nazca, Peru.

    Earth quake damaged church in Ica, Peru.

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