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    Day 5 – Biwak Bogdanka, Drawa National Park -> Leafy forest ground just outside Trzcianka

    Perfect facilities at the camp site. We take a stroll in the area and only the morning rain isn’t welcome. Lovely breakfast coffee on the MSR burner – quite a fantastic piece of equipment. All forests here in Poland seem to be deeply schizofrenic and behave very autumn-like with yellow leaves and a totally moist emvironment though we’re in April and the trees should be happy by now. Very weird.

    Pabbe has sore knees today and we take it easy and enjoy the fresh forest feeling. Took a break in a little village that seemed to be totally deserted but slowly people showed up and we had a chat with the local youngsters who impressed me by name dropping Danish soccer players: “Groenkjaer, Soerensen” they constantly yelled after us when we left the village…We saw deers, foxes, a storch, frogs, woodpeckers and a coupple of small snakes looking like worms (poor thing!) today. Wild camped in complete darkness just outside Trzcianki. Quite pooky. If tonight was a outdoor life test we definitely passed!

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