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    Photo Album from Bolivia!

    I spent 35 days in Bolivia from 22SEP2008-26OCT2008 and cycled a total of 1.560 km on all sorts of surfaces. Heavenly paved, hellish washboard, bum-shaking cobblestones, gravel, sandy, stony, potholed. You name it – Bolivia’s got it all.

    I don’t know just how many darlings you are allowed to have. But this photo album from Bolivia is one of them anyhow…

    WT Photo Set from Bolivia (170 photos)

    or see photos as a slideshow on Flickr here!

    (I suggest 2 things here: 1) Clicking once on the photo for a little text box pop-up and 2) clicking on the “4 arrows icon” in the bottom right hand corner of the link for watching the photos in full screen mode)

    Feel free to leave a comment! I enjoy free wifi from my hostel here in Lima, Peru and all comments will be re-commented…


    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Photo Album from Bolivia!”

    1. carolyne Says:

      So colourful! I love the nighttime shots in Potosi too.

      Can you believe that it was almost a year ago to the day that you cycled down my street & we sat on the lawn chatting? I remember it like it was yesterday, or maybe last week, anyway 🙂

      Big hug xx

    2. Nicolai Says:

      I can believe it, yes, Carolyne, ‘cos memories are still intact.

      But on a strict time-dimension it does not make any sense. The brunch, the African dinner, the family visits, Susy, the beach walk, the visits to the national parks, the (horny?) koala roar, the relaxation at home, the wine tasting, everything really – no one can ever take those memories away from me.


    3. Maarten Says:

      I’am going!

    4. jj1 Says:

      Sounds like an amazing trip. When you got to Peru, were you able to find anymore free wifi?

      I am creating listings of free wifi locations in Peru for travelers and ex-pats (like myself). Take a look: http://freewifiwiki.net/index.php?title=Peru.

      If you have any to add please do… (its a wiki).


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