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    Day 959 – Picking Up the Pieces

    0 km etc.

    What a total waste of an otherwise beautiful Sunday (I think, though didn’t really see it).

    Meeting up with a great group of travellers (incl. a big group of Danish Vikings, the size of which only Israelis might match 😉 ) here at the Loki Hostal in Miraflores, Lima has been an unforgettable, social experience to me. My liver’s been tested to the limits, but it’s been all worth it. We all need to unplug ourselves once in a while, and this week had the tag Nicolai’s Unplugged Week on it.

    I’m sorry for the long silence (sort of) but you really haven’t missed out on anything. Days have been spent with the folks here at the hostel, chilling, laughing, playing pool, enjoying free wifi, recovering (not from the cycling this time) and getting ready for the next big night out. ‘Cos that’s how it goes here in crazy Lima. It’s a mad place and I love it – especially the nocturnal part of it.

    Most of the guys I’ve been hanging out with all leave today. To different corners of the globe. The inevitable truth and ending of being part of the travelling lot. Knowing that the last 4-5 days of social (and mainly Danish) feast was a complete, random encounter and that we all got along very well makes me feel fortunate (and – on a less important note – a triffle exhausted/knackered).

    Aske, Tobias, Kasper, Christian, Lisbeth, Mette, Majka (all Denmark), Trevor (Saskatchewan, Canada), Andrew (Tonga), Les & Liam (Melbourne, OZ), Frederik (Sweden) plus a small army of unsong heroes all made the week outstanding. Thanks, guys!

    On this day..


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