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    Day 960 – Lima Historical Centre

    0 km etc.

    Monastery in Lima downtown.

    After a week of cold beers and organized debauchery in the Lima suburb of Miraflores, I thought it was about time to do just a bit of sightseeing in the UNESCO preserved, historical part of downtown Lima.

    Facade on Plaza de Armas, Lima - Peru

    These are all pretty standard shots from the downtown. But the centre actually possesses an architectural beauty that my limited Lima pictures don’t really do any justice. Please excuse me – was still recovering today (Monday, would you believe it!) and not really in it.

    Policia Nacional on Plaza de Armas, Lima...

    Touristy shopping arcade in Lima...

    Plaza de Armas, Lima - Peru.

    Palacio de Justicia, Lima - Peru.

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    2 Responses to “Day 960 – Lima Historical Centre”

    1. Sébastien Says:

      Hello Nicolai,
      Do you remember the french cyclist on the top of the Laos Montain. Kukatcham? Anf Marco from germany?
      Marco send me your website. You seem to be in Argentina.
      Have a nice trip and good ride i check your web site.
      Next week, i will be in Buenos aires for 4 months , riding through Patagonia Argentina, Chile and Atacama and North Argentina.
      Maybe on the road

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Sebastien…

      Of course I do remember our meeting in that little Laotian village. I´m in northern Peru now and all is good.

      Wow, Patagonia, 4 months, sounds great. Enjoy it when time comes.

      Best regards, Nicolai

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