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    Day 967 – Trujillo (UK)

    I don’t feel very social at the moment. Don’t know why and – more importantly – what I can do to change it. I know it’s just a little adjustment in one of the inner departments, though. Have been tired, without rise-and-shine-energy since I left Lima. I find it difficult to find out what I really want. Relax for a few days? Go ruin hunting in the area? Get going? Arriving here in Trujillo yesterday (a few days ahead of time) gave me no pleasure – the climax didn’t come…

    Even though I’m staying at the famous Casa de Ciclistas with other cyclists around, I don’t feel much like socializing. After some great, social days in Lima where pretty much all communication was in English (or even Danish!), it’s hard to go back to the basic Spanish that comes out of my mouth. It surely is enough to get me going and all, but when it comes to really making myself understood, being able to crack jokes, flirting (verbally, that is), sharing thoughts etc. I often find my 7-year old Spanish frustratingly inadequate. Being tired doesn’t help a thing.

    Good news is that my Norwegian friend Ragge The Badger – a great friend that I know from Copenhagen – is coming to see me here in northern Peru in just a few weeks. His will be the first familiar face for me in two years. I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it…)

    I go for a walk into Trujillo’s centre and the impressive Plaza de Armas that I remember vaguely from my first visit in 1998. The city (820.000 inhab.) is full of beautiful, colonial buildings and it is quite understandable that Trujillo is awaiting approval on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

    Lunch in the sun on a bench on the plaza while trying to fend off semi-irritating city tour-salesmen, beggars, wanna-be-my-friend?-guys, pamphlet-folks and street vendors.

    On this day..


    8 Responses to “Day 967 – Trujillo (UK)”

    1. carolyne Says:

      Nicolai, looking at your photos of the desert cycling, I can kind of understand your flat feeling… like I could feel it before reading this post. But maybe that’s because I’m feeling similar, but probably for very different reasons!
      Will email you soon, promise.
      c xx

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Carolyne…

      As always, great to feel your supportive blow out there. It made it all the way across the waters to Peru! 🙂 Today (Tuesday) the energy was back. Don´t know what happened overnight, maybe the sleep, maybe the blow across the Pacific.

      At least you´ve got your furry cuties next to you, Caro. Stick to them if the balloon´s flat…


    3. Teun Says:


      Not sure if you are still in Trujillo, but if you are: try some of the beautifull cakes you can find there. Especially the chocolate cake is delicious and will surely cheer you up.

      Also, you can head to the beach (to I can’t remeber the name), where you can even go for a surf!! I remeber watching the World Cup final there. Walked into this small bar just in time to see Zidane’s headbut………… ahh, the good old times……


    4. Mona Hald Pedersen Says:

      Hej Nicolai

      Ja så blev det december måned og julen nærmer sig.
      Jeg har lige været ved, at bage julesmåkager og tænker hvordan det må være
      ikke at skulle holde jul i lille Danmark.

      HÃ¥ber du har det godt hvor end du er lige nu..

      Kærlig Hilsen

    5. tamara Says:

      I am not sure why you have (UK) beside your postings for while you are in Peru?

    6. Nicolai Says:

      Tamara: Simply to let people know that the diary entry contains text in English (or sometimes just photos and stats)…Clever, heh?

    7. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Teun…

      I´m still in Trujillo and have follwed your advice. Huanchaco was a nice beach day for me even though I got roasted (through SPF 15 sun screen) and am very pink now! 🙂


    8. Nicolai Says:

      Hej Mona…

      Tak for tanken.

      Den kommende bliver min tredje jul i traek uden for Danmark. Det er langt fra saa slemt som du maaske forestiller dig. Jeg slipper for/undgaar al julepostyret og det kommercielle pres, julen paa vore breddegrader normalt foerer med sig.
      Min julegave i aar bliver (bl.a) et besoeg fra min gode ven hjemmefra. Vi regner med at fejre juleaften ved en strand i det nordligste Peru, Mancora, hedder stedet.

      Nyd fortsat december og julekagerne.


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