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    Day 968 – My Inner Chicken Run (UK)

    It’s funny how fast the weathercock can change direction in my inner chicken run. The zest, the good mood is back today.

    Cleaning my babe in Trujillo, Peru...

    It’s washing day: I handwash my salt-stained clothes and the bike on the rooftop of the Casa de Ciclistas. My love for my unhuman bike is unlimited and human. Don’t know if it appreciates my effort with the sponge, though.

    The Coal Shop

    A Brazilian cyclist who stays here as well shows me his heavy 30 kg oldie bike and parts of his gigantic 50 kg bundle of luggage (incl. a Tom Cruise idol book in an unhandy A3 format!, Bee Gee and TopGun DVD (he likes Mr. Cruise). I can’t believe he’s actually travelling with all that shit but it seems like he has his own, private reasons for everything. Every man to his taste. His bike would pass as scrap in any Danish family.

    Mercado Union. Trujillo, northern Peru.

    At the market close to Lucho’s (my kind and cycle-obsessed host) house a large jug of fresh fruit juice is just 0.25 USD. And there’s a new player on the fruit pitch now: Strawberries (yeah, a berry, but it plays on my fruit team nonetheless). I find out that a kilo is just 0.33 USD – an incredible bargain for a fruit freak!

    Back at the house I flatten out on the rooftop in the sun and with a kick-ass playlist in my iPod. Then the strawberry party (1 kg) begins, and after a bit of push- and sits-ups I let the mango party (1 kg) take control – it’s a foaming one-man enterprise and it isn’t pretty!

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    One Response to “Day 968 – My Inner Chicken Run (UK)”

    1. Marc Says:

      It would be funny to see a picture of the heavy brazilian bike?

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