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    Day 972 – The Harsh Realities of my Childhood Love Life (UK)

    I got a nice e-mail the other day. From back home. From someone who wanted to point out, that my statement in my Profile that I don’t remember ever having given flowers to a girlfriend isn’t quite true.

    Well, it is true that I don’t remember such an occasion, but this girl – my first teenage love that I was hopelessly and sometimes sleeplessly in love with for years, hoping for some kind of juvenile action that never really happened – reminded me (to my great surprise and laughter) that one day when she was on her way back home after school she noticed a little bunch of flowers on her bike’s luggage carrier accompanied by a letter (sort of love, I guess) the content of which I can only shiver, some 20 years after the event.

    It was one of the greatest walks down the inscrutable memory lanes.

    Parenthetically and strictly speaking, my statement still conform to reality since she was not my girlfriend at the time (approx. 1989). Rumour has it, that (at some other time) for a striking 2 weeks we actually were boy- and girlfriends though in that time we didn’t (as far as my memory goes) see each other, it was all very hush-hush coz she was a year older and it had to remain absolutely secret. It stopped even before it’d started. Very innocent indeed. Such were the harsh realities of my childhood love life… 🙂

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