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    New WT-movie from Chile & Argentina out!

    After more than 3 hours of uploading yesterday, I bitterly realized that Youtube doesn’t allow movies longer than 10 minutes. Mine was 11’13”. Bummer. Went back to my laptop and spent a few hours cutting, editing and re-arranging everything and, after another 3 hours of uploading today, here we are at last.

    The new WT movie from Chile and Argentina is here and it has to serve as this year’s christmas present from me to ye’ all.

    Watch the Movie from Chile/Argentina

    (if the movie is not processed and ready on Youtube yet, please come back soon. Shouldn’t be long)

    Feedback – be it blue or black – is welcome as usual.

    Nicolai (Trujillo, northern Peru)

    On this day..


    6 Responses to “New WT-movie from Chile & Argentina out!”

    1. Maarten Says:

      Just beautifull, THX for sharing this.
      After all the pictures and stories this gives an exellent picture of what you’ve been/going through. Keep up the good work.
      Lots of love from Holland

    2. Nicolai Says:

      There´s nothing like Dutch love, Maarten! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement.

      Makes me feel like starting working on the next movie from Bolivia…Maybe there´s still some room left under the cosmic christmas tree for a second WT present…

      Hi to all 3 of you!


    3. Mette Says:

      I really wanna go on a plane right now, buying a bike like yours along the way and join you on this wonderful journey! What more can I say.
      Again you’ve showed us a bit from you life on the road and it’s a plaesure to see how you love being out there even if it’s heavy wind/rain/dust etc.
      Keep on smiling and I can’t wait for the next WT Christimas present.. 🙂

    4. ferre Says:

      Stunning record of your journey.
      I have a lot of respect of what you are doing right now.
      Hope you can encourage more people to undertake a challenge.

      Enjoy your days.

      Take care

    5. Liz Says:

      Thanx for the christmas present Nico and for showing us a piece of the world through your camera. It left me feeling like leaving this routine, grab a bike and do what you’re doing. Of course, I’d probably wouldn’t last longer than a couple of months!
      I can see that every day of your life is a new challenge….i have to admit you’re living my dream, which makes me think it’s not impossible. I’m sure my world tour will begin someday (still not sure ’bout doing it on a bike, though).

      Hugs from lovely Argentina !

    6. Nicolai Says:

      Thanks a lot for the great feedback, boys and girls. Appreciate it as always. I really do. Liz, of course you´d last more than a few months – if you wanted to, with or without a bike. It´s all mental, you know 🙂

      Nicolai (Piura, Peru)

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