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    Dag 984 – Delfin på stranden (UK)

    It's way too hot here for the furry coat...

    Apart from the social highlights of having my good friend around – I’m getting used to the good company now! – it’s a fairly standard day here in Máncora. Lazing on the sun beds at the pool under the fierce sun (seems like Southern California isn’t the only place where it never rains) swimming in the Biggest Swimming Pool in the World, as Ragge (my friend, as you’d all know by now) calls the Pacific Ocean, eating a cheap set lunch at the local market in Máncora, partying and socializing at night.

    Ragz and the Siberian Husky, Máncora lunch.

    Oh, and during my afternoon 10k run along the beach a notable zoological sight was a dead dolphin on the shore being voraciously hollowed out by a dozen of ever-hungry vultures. It wasn’t pretty.

    Máncora girls at the market...

    On this day..


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