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    Day 15 – Klodzko -> Gory Stolowych National Park -> Klodzko

    Wow, wow, wow! What a day I’ve had. Just came back to Klozdko an hour ago after a remarkable day on the bike and on foot in a national park next to the border with the Czech Republic. It’s been a wonderful (yet hard) day and I still have this natural LSD in my body after all the experiences. Great mountain scenaries, tiny Polish houses with small rivers flowing through the backyard, labyrinths of great boulders in all formations. The national park is 800-900 m above sea level and was covered in snow in certain parts. It’s always a funny feeling to run around sweating in cycling shorts in the lazy winter snow that hasn’t had the guts to get on with its life and melt. Passed a small and closed border post to the Czech Republic.

    My head is tired now. 92 km in great nature and some of the stretches were very steep and tough, tough, tough. Saw a swollen, dead wild boar on the way back to Klodzko. A really nasty, ugly animal with big teeth that I thought only belonged to the fantasy world of my childhood litterature…

    Tune of the Day: The Smiths – Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want

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    1. Tomek Says:

      Hi Nicolai!
      Regarding your “bits and pieces”: that Pilsner Urquell you’ve tried was probably produced in Poland, so its quality is much worse than original Czech PU.
      keep rolling!

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