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    Day #3 – Stargard forest


    Rise and shine! Starting the day with coffee and bread! Perfect! It’s not some small cup of coffee either. A typical WT coffee consist of 400-500 ml. good black coffee in a big thermocup.

    It’s wonderful to bicycle through the small Polish villages. You start by smelling the burning firewood then you hear the dogs barking and first then you see the first couple of houses in the distance or around a curve. The villages themselves are not the prettiest – but they are cosy. It seems like time is going at another speed than what I’m used too back home in Copenhagen.


    We take a break by a like to drink some coffee and consider just to call it a day and pitch the tent here. It’s hard to imagine that we would find a better place. However, something drives us on and we keep going toward Stargard Szczecinski (cool name!)

    I wanted to let people back home know that we were OK and rather late in the evening we found a small internet place where we use a couple of minutes to send a few mails home. It felt good to have that done!

    It was now already beginning to get dark and we hurried out of town to find a place to camp. We drove out of the highvej and ended with just turning left and down a small gravel road. Where that road ended we pitched our tent. Right beside a small lake. At that time I was incredible hungry and ate all the chocolade I could find in order not to black out before we had dinner 🙂

    We also had some rather nice Polish beers that evening!

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