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    Day #4 – Middle Earth


    This day didn’t start the best way and wasn’t the funnist bicycleday. I don’t think I was in complete balance. E.g. I lost the hat I got from my mum and sister before I went on the trip 🙁

    In addition I got pain in my left knee and that took a lot of my focus. Instead of enjoying the landscape and the lovely challange bicycling is my thoughs kept going back to the painfull left knee. I made an agreement with myself that the next day we had to rest so that I didn’t develop some kind of injury.

    Other than that my body feel fine! No pain other place – not even behind 🙂

    It feels like all Polish people are having a dog. Everywhere we go we are met by barking dogs and many times it’s the last thing we hear on the way out of a village. I saw the biggest st. bernards dog I’ve ever seen. Laying on top of it’s dog house (which is something I see quite oftens. Funny thing..)


    We are biking through a great landscape. Forest, small brooks and rivers. It almost feel like Tolkien’s Middle Earth. We finda place to camp and pitch our tent. Completely alone again. It’s right in a place where 3 rivers meet and after we take a few pictures we make dinner and enjoy a few Polish beers (again).

    The weather is fine during the day. In contrast to the other days where we basically bicycle with all the layers of clothes we have we could cut down a little bit today. It rains a little now and then but it’s nothing our great equipment can’t handle. I’m looking forward to the summer – but we are biking towards it.

    The forest seems a bit schizophrenic. It looks and feels like a autumn forest – right in the middle of spring. Wierd.

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    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Day #4 – Middle Earth”

    1. Søster Mette Says:

      Ã…hh nej sÃ¥ skulle jeg jo have sendt en ny hue med pakken.. 🙁 – ligesom jeg ogsÃ¥ gerne sender et par friske ny knæ. Bare sig til 🙂

    2. rob thomson Says:

      That’s a spooky thicket. Looks peaceful though…

      – Rob

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    4. Elizabeth Says:


    5. Eric Says:


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