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    Day #5 – Eveningtrip


    My nose is getting more and more red by all the being outside all the time and I put on suncreme that best I’ve learned. In the middle of April – who would have thought?

    We bike around 17 KM through the national park in lovely weather. Eat breakfast in a little town which on first sight looks completly like a ghosttown. After a while it wakes up a bit and we are joined by a group of small kids who excell with their knowledge of Danish footballplayers (knowing much more that I..) The boys also give one advide after another on how to get further on with our expedition and together with Nicolai they study the map with full concentration.


    We stop for the day pretty early – it’s supposed to be a rest day and it’s perfect! Sun and clouds are fighting a bit but it’s rather warm. The afternoon is spend reading, dozing off a bit and talking. The plan is to go to Poznan which among other things is know for having the great club in Poland in it’s vicinity. Of course the adventureboys are a little excited by this. Nicolai gather some firewood so we can have a bonfire in the evening.

    Sudden a change of plans! We find out that it’s Friday and not Thursday as we though. Damn! The club is only open on Friday and Saturday and it’s not possible to bycycle all the way to Poznan in only one day. After a couple of minutes deliberation we decide to pack and continue towards Poznan.

    It turns out to be a great trip in the evening. The kilometers are flying away and even if I feel the left knee a bit it’s nowhere bad. We bicycle 60 km and the plan is to take the remaining 85 the next day. We are driving on small roads with almost no traffic, flanked by forest and with roe deer running on our sides.

    We never found the camp we where looking for in the evening and we crashed inside a forest where Nicolai pitched the tent while I was making a caloriestew with no match. It was all a bit spooky and certainly one of the more fishy places we have camped. It didn’t get less spooky when I discovered a boot laying in the forest floor and when I kicked it a bit I had already in my fantasy seen the leaves reveal the body of a person.

    Of course in the daylight it looked much more harmless 🙂

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