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    Day #6 – Poznan


    Today my left knee shut down. Not good 🙁 We biked around 20 km and got to a middlesized town. At that point I had developed rather severe pain in my knee and decided to take the bus further on to Poznan and leave Nicolai to bike.

    Going to take some resting days in Poznan and see what happens with the knee.

    I met again with Nicolai in the afternoon. He was a bit tired after the extra 85 km but in good shape and spirit. We biked out to a perfect located campingsite out to a lake and pitched our tent. It was OK with a bit more civilized quaters again 🙂

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    2 Responses to “Day #6 – Poznan”

    1. Tomek Says:

      Hi!What you guys are doing is fantastic! I love bicycle trips but I’ve never went for such a long trip (the longest was 2 weeks). I come from Poznan area and I hope you’ll have nice memoirs from Poland. Good luck! Keep on cycling!
      Cyclist of the world unite!
      By the way, I’m in Copenhagen now 🙂

    2. jonas Says:

      You ARE wearing a knæbind around your knee right? I’m getting a bit worried here.

      fun to read the journals, especially when you sit in the confort of your office and drink coke.

      Things are going nice and quiet back at IO. just FYI. The most exciting thing all week has probably been the mexican food served in the Cantina today 🙂

      ..and remember

      Take care out there

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