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    Day #20 – Denmark again

    After long time pondering it was time to make a tough decision. My left knee hasn’t improve even after trying all kinds of things and I’m having too much pain to continue biking. So I decided to get back to Denmark and Copenhagen for at little while and get some treatment and hopefully get a good knee again.
    Nicolai is biking solo for a while until I join him again as soon as possible.

    It’s really horrible that something like this can happen but I guess there is not much else to do than hope for the best, get on with the work on making my knee stronger and get back on the bike again.

    I’ll keep you updated..

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    9 Responses to “Day #20 – Denmark again”

    1. rob thomson Says:


      It’s things like this that make the trip all the more exciting aye?

      Well, maybe when you look back on it in ten years time anyway…I can only imagine the frustration right now…

      I’m sure you’ll be back into in no time!

      By the way, I’m loving your photos. Always a treat to open up flickr.com before work starts and seeing what’s new.

      – Rob

    2. Martin Says:

      Hi Rob –

      Thanks for the support!

      Nicolai and I share the flickr account. All the nice pictures are Nicolai’s 😉
      It’s good that you like them. Hopefully I’ll have them up on our foto album section of the site soon.


    3. Tomek Says:

      I keep my fingers crossed for your knee to get well soon!

    4. Hi Says:

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    5. rob thomson Says:

      Martin, how are things going with the knee?

      I hope all is well!

      Get well soon, Matin’s Knee.

      – Rob

    6. rob thomson Says:

      Martin, how are things going with the knee?

      I hope all is well!

      Get well soon, Martin’s Knee.

      – Rob

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