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    My Favourite Shots + NYE blabla (UK)

    The following 3 photo sets each contain 1.000 (it is Xmas time, after all) of my personal favourites from the last nearly 1.000 days. See the link?

    As usual, I suggest viewing the photos as a slideshow. Just click the “Slideshow” link after clicking the links below (and click the photo once to see text pop-up).

    WT Favourites Photo Set #1

    Chronologically, this set shows 1.000 favourites from Poland (April 2006) to Vietnam February (2007).


    WT Favourites Photo Set #2

    From Vietnam (February 2007) to Australia (December 2007)


    WT Favourites Photo Set #3

    From Australia (Jan 2008) to Bolivia (September 2008)


    …and may 2009 enrich your life (inner-, work-, family-, spiritual- or otherwise) and be just as challenging and fulfilling as you’d wish for.

    Be patient with the world and the people around you. It’s all our first time here.

    Don’t rush yourself and other things that aren’t meant to be rushed. (End of gibberish)

    I hope I’ll see you here next year as well!

    Happy New Year to all WT-readers…

    Nicolai (Pasaja, Ecuador – 27DEC2008)

    On this day..


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