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    How Hard Was Today’s Cycling?

    Difficulty Level:

    You might have noticed that recently I started putting an extra line in the Stats of the Cycling Day (I like stats). A little comment is in order here. The Difficulty Level (abb. Diff.) is an over-all and highly subjective judgment of the toughness and difficulty of the cycling day.

    The most obvious parameters (for the cyclist) such as distance, uphills, wind conditions are the main parts of the judgment, but factors like weather conditions (temperature, precipitation etc.), luggage weight (it roughly changes according to the general climate I´m cycling in), my personal well-being and mood of the day (often affected by amount of sleep and food in stomach) are also part of it.

    The index goes from 1 to 5, 1 being an easy day, 5 being a really hard one (or perceived as such, ie.).

    On this day..


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