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    Day 27 – Levoca to Kosice

    Sorry, but this post is not available in English

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Day 27 – Levoca to Kosice”

    1. Maja Says:


      Godt at høre, at du fortsætter turen derudaf! Jeg har selv været i området og set Birkenau og alt det, jesp, super trist og dyster og totalt chokerende. Jeg så det i en alder af 10 år, næppe noget der fik det til at gøre mindre indtryk på mig!!

      Nå, men ellers så skinner solen jo her fra en skyfri himmel og temperaturerne herhjemme nærmer sig rigtigt sommervejr! Nu en uge i træk. Fantastisk!

      God vind

    2. Pedallo Pete Says:

      Hey Guys, Hello from England!

      Sad to read that Martin has had to go back to Denmark…how are you, Martin?Will you continue soon..there doesn’t seem to be any recent news in English.

      Please let us all know how you are getting on, I’m sure there are many, many non-Danish speakers following your progress.

      Very best wishes,

      Pete. 🙂

    3. Martin Says:

      Hi Pete!

      Thanks for your concern!
      I’m getting treatments on my knee and things are improving but there is still some way to go. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be out on the bike again with Nicolai.

      I’ll probably write a real update in my diary soon 🙂

      – Martin

    4. Pedallo Pete Says:

      Hello Martin !

      Hope your knee gets better soon.
      I would keep my fingers crossed for you, but the fingers on my left hand are crossed for Wayne Rooney’s broken foot, and on my right hand for Michael Owen’s, – I’ll keep my thumbs crossed for you !

      Why don’t you join Nicolai, but on a motorbike? That way you would both travel as you originally wanted, and it wouldn’t put too much strain on your knee…

      Good Luck to you both.

      Pete 🙂

      p.s. Hello to everyone else around the world, and especially in Denmark. 🙂

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