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    Site back up

    After some hosting problems the site is back up again – fortunately without any loss of data! Puh!
    We apologize the long weekend without www.worldtravellers.dk 🙂

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Site back up”

    1. Linda Jenkins Says:

      We are not finding out anything about your trip, the country or any of the events that are occurring. If you would post anything maybe more people would visit. But from what I see, there is only Nicolai posting a title that contains a city.

    2. Martin Says:

      Hi Linda –

      The things is that Nicolai is not translating his diary entries into English – that’s why only the headlines are present. When I get back out there, there’s be translated updates from me.

      The facts – like what country WT current is in – is informed on the front page aswell as in the log book section of the site.


    3. Anders Soeberg Says:

      Hey Pablo

      Er det muligt at faa lagt de nyeste artikler fra MetroXpress op paa siden? Det ville skabe stor glaede for et par danske studerende i Krakow 🙂


    4. Jonas Says:

      Hej Martin
      Jeg følger med på jeres side her og tænkte på hvordan det går med dit knæ. Hvornår tror du at du klar til at tage afsted.?


    5. Linda Jenkins Says:

      You can translate his diary into English no matter where you are. What is preventing you from doing that now?

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