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    Newsletter from Colombia

    Medellín – Colombia, 25JAN2009.

    I’ve always been partial to the statistical material, and to call my interest for the world of stats fetichism is just another way of putting it. That’s part of the reason why the first weeks of 2009 have been tremendously interesting…

    It was a special day for me to quietly celebrate Day # 1.000 on this solo bike expedition the other day. Even for me, it’s hard to grasp; 1.000 consecutive days on the road – now that’s roughly a 140 charter holidays non-stop – if you (like me) should find it hard to put it in the right perspective!

    In terms of distance cycled, my inner statistician has also had reasons to wag the tail. Since I left Denmark on April 10, 2006, I’ve taken a photo each time I reach another 1.000 km in an attempt to try and catch the different moments on the road. Crossing 40.000 km in central Ecuador obviously made my mouth foam proudly (figuratively speaking, that is).

    40.000 km. Just north of Latacunga, central Ecuador.

    Just north of Ecuador’s capital Quito (that I skipped this time in the name of progress) I crossed the Equator from the south, and thus, I’m now back on the northern hemisphere after almost 1½ years of exploration on the southern.

    On a similar note and speaking of the Equator: that chubby latitude around the centre of our Planet Earth is officially 40.075 km in diameter, and passing that point has made it even more appropriate to call myself a round-the-world cyclist.

    This is the official circumference of the Earth...And I can now call myself a RTW-cyclist...

    All this might seem insignificant and self-celebratory, but when you decide to cycle around the world on what is already the longest bicycle expedition in Denmark’s history and in front of you have a snake of asphalt (that’s how my bike look at it, anyway!) that might turn out to be around 60.000 km long, then it becomes mentally crucial to split up the immense challenge in more edible bits, to knock a few milestones in the ground along the way, and celebrate the small conquests of the enterprise once you pass them.

    These self-invented milestones are an important part of the motivating carrot for me, coz they arm me, in a very concrete way, partly with the knowledge that the goal (Denmark, in case you didn’t know) is getting closer, and partly with the confidence that I can do this.

    So milestones – be they fictive or real – are important markers that speak the language of progress, the language of development (mental and otherwise). It’s often like that in life, isn’t it?

    With lots of thoughts and love,

    Nicolai (from Medellín in Colombia, WT-country #30)

    And do keep coming back! WT has now had more than 1.000.000 hits (the stats freak said) and your support still means more to me than my words can explain…

    On this day..


    11 Responses to “Newsletter from Colombia”

    1. Bill Nelson (from NZ) Says:

      That is not self-congratulatory at all. What you’ve done is fucking amazing in anyone’s book. Cheers mate. The southern hemisphere will miss you!

    2. Keith Says:


    3. Hayane ( frm Brasil- Palmerston Nrth NZ) Says:

      Wowww you’re one of a kind by doing that, and you must celebrate! How great the world would be if people started acquiring this “self-congratulatory ” state after achieving challenges as you’ve done!
      Best winds to you and warm Abracos from Brasil.

    4. Eliana Says:

      Great piece of writing you have done there man! I am going to write that last paragraph on a paper and post it on my wall, as inspiration.

      On other note, I am following your trip in Colombia with much interest. I must admit I am one of those who thinks that this beautiful country is the last place a “gringo” like you -or my boyfriend- should go… But I am so glad you and your amazing adventure are proving me wrong.

      Have a great time in “la Costa” and dance a lot of cumbia and vallenato, I miss it so much!!

      Saludos desde Copenhague

    5. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Bill…Thanks for being so straight with me here! 🙂 Appreciate it.

      Though Colombia and the northern hemisphere is treating me just fine, I do miss the southern already. True.


    6. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Eliane…

      I feel strongly entitled to proving you and everyone else wrong about the Colombian image on the global scene. Thanks for your entry, Eliane. Hope winter will be over soon in CPH.

      Abrazos desde La Ciudad de la Primavera Eterna…


    7. Nicolai Says:

      Hayane, thanks for the kind words.

      Bugger all, I might have a self-congratulatory beer or two with tonight’s tennis from OZ. 🙂

      Cheers, Nicolai

    8. Dirk Says:

      heyz Nicolai,

      Wonderfull!!! you dont need many words to explain, the numbers will do that 4 shure!
      Everytime we here from you, you keep impressing us from this crazy and lovely world! and the way you are doing this mission!

      We wish we could Celebrate and Accelerate with you!

      Wish you all the best mate!

      greetings from Dirk.

    9. Thomas O. Says:

      Greetings from Munich where the snow peacefully falls – beautiful, but had I had the choice of beaming myself “down” into the tropics, I would hit the switch before finishing this 🙂

      …and great to learn about Columbia! Inspiring thoughts about milestones too – sure we can all experience even more joy in life by remembering to more often celebrating both big and small achievements!

      Safe travels and tail wind wishes!


    10. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Dirk…

      Celebrate and accelerate, I like that, mate.

      Thanks for reminding me that the numbers (might) speak for themselves…


    11. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Thomas…

      From Medellín to Munich. Good to hear from you. Snow in Munich, sounds a bit crazy to me. But that the world, and that’s how we like it once in a while.

      All good here – getting ready for my next minor celebration: Arriving at the Caribbean and my last stop in South America, this time around.


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