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    Medellín update…

    Just a very short update to those (unnecessarily) worried minds out there who may be wondering where I’m at and how things are going.

    Things are very fine here in Colombia. People are unbelievably friendly and kind to me wherever I go. The military presence is strong and at no point have I felt scared or afraid regarding the safety situation in this beautiful country still badly damaged by the image problem in the eyes of the outside world. If only I could change all that…

    Have just checked into a hostal (Black Sheep; yes it’s run by Kiwis) in a residential area in the nice(r) suburb El Poblado, with wifi ad nauseum which means that you can expect WT-updates in the very near future. Will stay here until I get tired of it, and then continue on the last Colombian leg (650 km) that will take me directly north to Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast.

    Meanwhile, have a look at the BIKELITE bicycle blog (below) that might tell a familiar story…

    Lynn’s BIKELITE blog


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