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    Day 1.012 – She Had the Look (UK)

    Tonight a local girl – an a real beauty if you ask me – suddenly comes up to me from behind while I was standing looking at some of the fine architecture here in Popayán. The girl asks me if I’m looking for something (at this point, I should’ve been fast and clear-thinking, but made my first error instead). I’m taken by surprise and plainly answers her that no, I’m fine and that I’m just enjoying the beautiful city.

    The girl doesn’t leave after this rather dull answer, but cracks a gorgeous smile that leaves me even more bashful (not taking advantage of the obvious opening in the conversation is my second error). Another flirting look comes my way, but I still don’t know what to do or say, so eventually she turns around and slowly walks away. Could have killed myself for letting go of such a princess. Anyway, the night-lit colonial buildings show me another (less human, though) kind of beauty in Popayán. It’ll have to suffice for now.

    Spend most of the day online with my laptop at the hostal. For the first time in almost 3 years I watch Danish television live. Seeing an old uni-mate debate with the Danish minister of education (on DR’s program Deadline) is an almost surreal experience. Long live wireless!

    I’ve been eating müsli with cold milk ad libitum since I got to Popayán and found the first real supermarket (Exito) since I don’t know. I suddenly realize how much I’ve been missing that stable food of mine.

    On this day..


    6 Responses to “Day 1.012 – She Had the Look (UK)”

    1. Søren Says:

      Your account sounds a bit like the ending sequence from Dumb Dumber (1994) with Jim Carry, if you remember…

      It must be an interesting task, for someone who has studied anthropology to experience a city in which feminism is taken to the extreme. Lets see some pictures of it, I am not just referring to the city’s architecture.

    2. pao Says:

      i feel sorry coz u didnt talk with the girls!
      dont be a Child Nicolaaiiiiii!!!!
      but ur story make me laught!

      hugs my mate, take care, and in the next time, u need to talk with girls!!!!!

    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Søren…

      I’m afraid that this – http://www.worldtravellers.dk/wordpress/?p=2852&lang_pref=dk – is all you’ll get for now. Mannequin’s and 17 yo’s…


    4. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Pao. It’s got nothing to do with childishness. It’s about not grabbing the chance when it’s there.

      Keep laughing, sweetheart, and I’ll act like I’m supposed to next time. Promise.

      Abrazos to you and all the Peñalolen clan…

    5. Lisa C Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Just wanted to pass along my 2 cents on this situation…I always find it odd when approached by a stranger whilst travelleing. It catches you off guard and since you’re not really looking, how are you supposed to react? It’s also in the timing. You were focused on the architecture and soaking up a bit of culture. Had you been open to meeting someone, being approached, etc. it would have been more natural and you probably would have charmed the skirt off of her (haha– pun intended). Your easy-going nature welcomes these approaches, but since you were not in that frame of mind, that is, to be looking for a pick up, searching around every corner, then you will naturally react as you did with a bit of shyness. I recall your constant attention on the road in other situations that was very off-putting. People staring, honking, etc. and that can just be nerve wracking. As you already have, chalk it up as a loss and a no biggie and be prepared for the next time. It’s all we can do–live and learn. 🙂

      Still enjoying your stories from the road,


    6. Nicolai Says:

      Spot on, Lisa. My inner psychologist couldn’t have pinned it out more precisely and elaborately! Thanks for the comment!

      The frame of mind is exactly what I feel it was about. Walking around smaller, un-touristy towns here in South America I’m much more in a sort of fugitive mode than “come-pick-me-up-chicas” mode coz everyone seems to be staring and wondering where that beast might come from. You get tired of that and just ignoring pretty much everyone who wants to strike up a conversation in the street (for whatever reason, but rarely a legal one) is just one way of protecting yourself – and enjoying your time, which is why were here in the first place.

      Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

      Nicolai (Cartagena, Colombia)

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