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    Day 1.017 – Chorrera del Índio Waterfall (UK)

    Uli, Marcela, Martiza, and cousin Paula take me out of the city today (my last in Cali), to a famous – and deservedly so – picnic + let’s-get-some-fresh-air spot just west of the metropole.

    Rio Pance just west of Cali - Colombia..

    Rio Pance runs up into the mountains west of Cali and the area is laid out as a national park. Some 10 km up the river we reach the massive Chorrera del Índio waterfall.

    Chorrera del Indio. Cali, Colombia.

    We have the place all to ourselves, go “diving” under the fall, and just have a thoroughly good time.

    Uli, Marcela, Paula, me, and Martiza at the waterfall...

    The massive Chorrera del Indio waterfall. Check out the bikini under the falls! Cali, Colombia.

    It’s hard not to feel just a little like a true jungle boy. Very impressive forces of Nature!

    The Pose.

    Ants keep marching…Do these fellas ever sleep?

    Busy ants near the Chorrera del Indio waterfall...

    We’ve all worked up a healthy appetite after the hours at the fall, and lunch is waiting us at Mai and Marce’s uncle’s mansion, beautifully prepared by the kitchen maid in the house. I always welcome this kind of luxury in my otherwise pretty Spartan nomadic bicycle life.

    The Mansion.

    Last night + last supper in my Cali “home” where I’ve felt nicely wrapped up in a very hospitable social web thanks to Ulises, Marcela, and Maritza. I feel very happy having met these guys, and – to bring balance on the lever – Marcela tells me that they’ve been honoured having me staying and that I’ve been like an exciting window to the world to them.

    Nice words, warm hearts.

    My friend's house in the La Buitrera Cali suburb.

    Acknowledging the fact that I can’t and don’t want to carry superfluity on my bike, Ulises has made a 2D-painting of my and my bike (incl. the Danish flag that I’m so proud of! 🙂 ) on his lappie, and gives it to me as a goodbye present (it’s on the frontpage of WT, if you haven’t seen it). It’s the best souvenir for ages.

    Nice acts, warm hearts.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.017 – Chorrera del Índio Waterfall (UK)”

    1. Marcela Says:

      Hi Nico!!!
      I didn’t see this pictures, they are great!!
      Since you left us I’d been practice in my bike…
      I told you I will reach you soon!!!

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hola Marce…

      You took part of making the photos look great! 🙂

      How good is it to hear that you’ve picked up the wonderful art of cycling. Keep rolling, baby…Have you made it down to Unicentro yet? 😉

      You will need to push really hard to catch up with me…

      Abrazos gigantes,


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