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    Day 1.020 – Pereira -> La Pintada (hotel) (UK)

    Pereira -> La Pintada (hotel)
    Distance (km) : 135
    Time on bike : 5h 29m
    Brutto time: 09.30 – 16.30
    Avg : 24.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 79.8
    Total (km) : 41.186
    Altitude: 400 m
    Difficulty: 3 of 5

    Morning coffee vendors in Pereira, Colombia.

    Pereira locals...

    Today’s hot, tropical cycling sees me reuniting with the Río Cauca, one of Colombia’s 3 mayor rivers (the other one’s being the Magdalena and Orinoco Rivers). At some point on a little downhill, a truck rides up beside me and out of the window a smiling lady hands me a sachet of water. Despite doing a good 40 km/h I manage to get hold of the water and send smiles and hand kisses in return for the kind gift. That’s what I call Tour de France road service. More of that, please.

    Crossing the Río Cauca at 400 m.a.s.

    Having a break from the soaring temperatures and a massivde lunch in Irrá, a little road side village next to the Rio Cauca.

    Lunch time!

    A different view...

    It’s another superfast day thanks partly to a difference of about 1.200 metres between start and finish altitudes (in my favor), and partly to a strong and focused Zülle in the saddle. There are lots of – mainly minor – climbs today, most of which I swallow up standing in the pedals with lots of momentum from the preceding minor downhill.

    Nice countryside cycling along the Rio Cauca...

    Down in the hot and tropical lowlands in central Colombia...

    Tunnel through a rocky outcrop...

    All afternoon the Cauca River grows fatter and prouder as many tributaries and waterfalls empty themselves in the muddy waters of the fastflowing river. It’s nice without being outright spectacular.

    Rio Cauca gathering momentum...

    At the busy and loud La Pintada village I check into the clean and cable-TV equipped (think live tennis from Australian Open) Hotel Fonda (12.000 pesos = 5.50 USD) right next to the local reggaeton disco that keeps blaring all night for no apparent reason as the place is totally empty.

    Rush hour in the village La Pintada, south of Medellín.

    I do my usual night time rituals (eating, e-mailing, cruising) before I crash in front of the blue tennis courts on my little TV-set in my room, volume on max. to try and drown the annoying reggaeton across the street…

    On this day..


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    1. Brian Says:

      Nicholi, the blog updates are crisp, clear and ever-inspiring. Have a safe trip today and I will check in with your frequent updates. Hammer on!!! ^^!!!

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