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    Day 1.032 – Turbo in Cartagena (UK)

    It’s still hard for me to realize what kind of a place I’ve come to here in Cartagena. I’ve got my own supercomfy de luxe room with a bed that dreams are made of, ceiling fan (+A/C if I fancy), view of the Bahía de Cartagena, a big bathroom (with a shower head that has 144 shower nozzles) the size of the low-budget rooms I normally stay in, Sony flat screen with cable, wifi, and great company in Janet and her sons, Tony (14) and Danny (18) (daughter Natalia is doing an exchange in Switzerland).

    The great view from "my" 6th floor apartment in Cartagena.

    Maris & Miledis, the house maids, have the breakfast ready even before I realize the hungry spot in my stomach. It’s all pretty overwhelming to me, the transition from roughing it on the roads to this sheer 5-star luxury, and (again) I find it little hard to fully express my gratitude, but I’m sure Janet understands.

    Iglesia de San Pedro Claver, Cartagena - Colombia.

    Ernesto, Janet’s private driver/handyman/friend, drives us into town where I’m dropped off in the centre of Cartagena’s Centro Histórico – armed with all my electronic gadgets and an appetite for getting to know this city that’s claimed to be the prettiest in all of South America.

    Museu de Oro (Gold Museum), Cartagena.

    Parque Bolívar, Cartagena.

    Cartagena's Centro Histórico...

    My thongs/flip-flops are turbo-driven over the next 5 hours and flip-flop me through most of the sights in the old quarter of town. And yes, it is an incredibly beautiful city, Cartagena.

    Cartagena's Centro Histórico...

    Cartagena's Centro Histórico...

    Cartagena's City Wall...

    Cartagena's Centro Histórico...

    Cartagena's Centro Histórico...

    Marley chilling...

    Las Bóvedas, Cartagena.

    Statue in front of Iglesia de Santísima Trinidad, Cartagena.

    Statues in front of Iglesia de Santísima Trinidad, Cartagena.

    Avenida del Arsenal, Cartagena - Colombia.

    When I later pass a sastrería (tailor) I ask the maestro if he can fix my torn/worn pants on the spot. No problem and so we settle on a fair price, I strip, he does his job, and I leave the shop 15 minutes later with 3 holes less in the butt of my beloved pants.

    The local tailor fixing my worn pants in Cartagena...

    The local tailor fixing my worn pants in Cartagena...

    I pop in at the Casa Viena Hostal where the owner Hans (Austria) has contact to most of the sailing boats that regularly take travellers from Cartagena to Panama, thus passing the roadless wilderness of Dárien on the Colombian/Panamanian border.
    I want to know approx. when the next boats will be leaving. Bad news is that the next scheduled boat will leave around the 17th of FEB which is a bit late to my liking since I’m going to meet up with my good friend from back home on the 1st of MAR in Costa Rica. Good news is that an additional boat might rock up depending on demand.

    Museo Naval del Caribe, Cartagena.

    Late in the day, my feet are not nearly as enthusiastic and happy and they convince me to take a city bus back to the Castillogrande neighborhood where I’m staying – some 3 km south of the Old Town.

    Cartagena city bus.

    On this day..


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