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    Day 1.034 – La Bellezita (UK)

    Last night at the Cartagena Film Festival inauguration I was introduced to Giannina, a 25-year old lawyer (a very pretty one at that). We talked and talked, and somehow I lost my focus on all the glamour and the film festival things around me. Sitting this close to La Bellezita had a certain impact on my otherwise steady heartbeat. Mind racing, but trying to keep it cool.

    Castillogrande (quarter) in Cartagena.

    Through the God-blessed Facebook we set up a coffee deal later today. Meanwhile I go for a walk around the neighborhoods, the nice and kind of posh Castillogrande and Bocagrande, with bubbling summer feelings inside (it was another hot and sunny day here in Cartagena 😉 ).

    Mobile bakery in Cartagena.

    Giannina and her (surprise) friend Victoria pick me up at 5.30 pm and take us downtown for a nice walk in the old town that looks even more beautiful at dusk.

    Victoria and Giannina in sepia Cartagena

    Tune of the Day: A Lack of Color – Death Cab For Cutie

    Me and Giannina in Cartagena...

    Teatro Heredia, Cartagena - Colombia.

    Cartagena's Cathedral.

    Government building in Cartagena.

    Street performers at the Parque Bolívar, Car

    Cartagena's Cathedral by dusk...

    Later the three of us grab a few drinks at a bar/resto next to Parque Bolívar. The evening breeze is soothing just as the company of my new Colombian friends. Jorge, Giannina’s fiancée (yeah, that was a heartbreaker for me too 🙂 ) join us later for a drink and a chat before Giannina drives me home to Castillogrande.

    Having a stubby at the Monte Cristo Bar with Vitu and Giannina. Cartagena - Colombia. February 2009.

    Cartagena night street scene...

    At home, Janet and her friend Paula, await me with some killer mojitos and good times. A few drinks later we grab a taxi to the city and find a bar/disco that quickly gets packed. Unsurprisingly, they all love the latina tunes here (me not so much), but it’s a fine night nonetheless – and I actually venture on the dance floor for a few not-so-hot-and-groovy moves.

    Applause please!

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 1.034 – La Bellezita (UK)”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Beautiful place! And girl… What more can you ask… Sorry about the fiancee… Good thing is that your trip is not unexpectedly interrupted/ canceled due to love 🙂 This means – selfish as it may be – continued joy for all of us following your log and enjoying your pictures 🙂

      Com saudades de America do Sul…

    2. Thomas O. Says:

      Above from me… Who’s not anonymos… Early morning, missed the name field… 🙂

      Thomas O.

    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Thomas…I’m not really asking for more 🙂 It was a great day anyway…

      No woman, no cry. No woman, WT goes on. Right, now where’s my bike…?


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