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    Day 44 – Fagaras -> Brasov

    I feel like I am repeating myself… but this was another beautiful, beautiful morning. The sun lay big and bright on the horizon when I awoke. The night took care of the cloud covering over the Faragas Mountains, exposing the sharp white peaks behind our camp. Pure luxury, but nature calls just before our morning coffee. Stefan is a real breakfast man, so we enjoy a long meal of honey (from the dear bee keeper guy, up in the Marmures), marmalade, cheese, tea, coffee and bread. A fine freshly baked loaf costs between 1,40DKK and 2,50DKK here in Romania. Most nutrition experts might think we are eating too much bread these days…
    We are soon visited upon by a farmer and (I assume) his grandchild. They come riding on horseback, towing behind them 3-4 cows and a wooden wagon. The farmer offers fresh cow’s milk for Stefan’s cup. A look of horror comes across Stefan’s face, as his fear of a bad stomach rises to a head. (The body language of fear is just as univeral as that of love). He grabs theatrically at his stomach and groans an apologetic “No, thank you”. I double over in laughter, and ignore Stefan’s dodging the nice farmer’s offer of milk. “Go for it, Stefan!” Stefan and I bust our sides laughing after the farmer and the boy have massaged the enormous udder and offered us the cup with the very warm, and frothy milk – which the both of us (admittedly!) fear a little. It has been a top priority of mine, my whole life, that the milk on my morning cornflakes be refridgerator cold -COLD- and now, here I am in the middle of Romania with a cup of (I feel) steamy cowsmilk with a fat percentage on par with that of cream. I supress my gag reflex and find that the milk really isn’t all that bad, aside from the heavy cream taste. A golden experience!

    Fantastic day with the Mountains to the south. Stefan and I raise our fists in triumph and let loose some primal screams à la YEEHAA! out into the empty mountain air. We have a cheese sandwich break at a pass nearly halfway to Brasov. Got way too much sun on my back today, and am a bit stressed, hungry and sweaty on arrival at Brasov.
    In Brasov (pop.308,000) the sun is beaming and the temperature is around 28 degrees. The camping site is 10km southh of the city, so we check in to Kismet Dao Hostel (10EURO per man, per night, including breakfast, free clothes wash, 1 beer and a view from a balcony) a little south of the city center. Many young Brits and Americans at the hostel. Very well organised hostel, reminding me of some of the Australian Hostels my good friend Thomas (http://thomasfrank.dk) and I stayed at in 1996.

    Stefan and I go down to an Irish Pub, where we have a fine night of pints and karaoke ad libitum…

    On this day..


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