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    Day 1.035 – Equus Caballus & Cabalgata in Cartagena

    The luxury apartment complex where I’m staying with Janet here in Cartagena is equipped with swimmingpools, jacuzzi, a sun deck, and a little playground in the front yard that I use as a work-out station. Free and open-air training. Life’s not bad around here.

    Enjoying a bit of rays at the pool area. Castillogrande, Cartagena

    In honour of the Virgen de la Candelária, los cartageneros – the people of Cartagena, obviously – annually celebrate the Cabalgata, which is a long and carnivalesque parade with around 600 cowboys on horses, 130 horsecarts and some 80.000 spectators, according to the news.

    Cabalgata in Cartagena.

    Cabalgata in Cartagena.

    Cabalgata in Cartagena.

    The parade goes from the naval base just a few hundred metres from “my” apartment and all the way into town, some 4 km in total. It goes without saying that this is the biggest conglomerate of equus caballus I’ve ever seen. Pretty animals. Horses.

    Cabalgata in action in Cartagena.

    The city of Cartagena de Indias has a few monikers, some of which are (from Wikipedia):
    – The Heroic City
    – The Door of the Americas
    – Capital of the Caribbean
    – The Mother City
    – The Walled City
    – The Key of the West Indies
    – The Fort of the Kingdom
    – Best Fortified City of the Americas

    The City That You Don’t Really Wanna Leave
    , isn’t one of them, but it would be, if I ruled the place.

    Cowboy details.

    El Vaquero and Janet in the kitchen (below). The sombrero vueltiado was a present I got today from Janet. Kindness abounds.

    Me (with the sombrero - a  present from Janet) and Janet in the kitchen...

    …and to top off the day:

    Desert of the week! Janet's waffle with the works...

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.035 – Equus Caballus & Cabalgata in Cartagena”

    1. Marcela Says:

      Hola Nico!!!
      que envidia!!
      Con esos postres de Janeth quien no se quiere quedar en cartagena.

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Marcela…Yeah, things are just getting better and better here in Cartagena. I’m sooo grateful that you put me in contact with Janet and her family here. Having an awesome time altogether.

      The desserts are just the cherries on top of the cake!

      Abrazos, Nicolai

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