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    Day 46 – Bran Castle

    With respect to tourism the myth, the story, and the legend are without doubt the thing which attracts most foreigners and by it account for a invaluable source of income for Romania and the region of Transylvania in particular in which I’ve been during the latest weeks. Bran Castle which is called Dracula Castle in talk of the town lies 30 km south of Brasov. It isn’t at all build by Vlad Tepes who is connected to Dracula himself. The castle was build long before his time in 1382 by the Saxons to defend the mountain pass near Bran against the invading Turks. Well, who care about historically trifles in a time where the yesterday’s milk already is too old. (It is rumoured that Vlad Tepes, the princes of the 15th century in the southern region of the present Romania, maybe spend the night at the castle in his escape from the Turks in 1462).

    Took the bus from Brasov to the village of Bran (60 min., 5 DKK oneway). The castle is impressive and is much better, more beautiful and lest visited than I expected. Drizzle and low-hanging clouds near the top of the hill (60 m) where the castle itself stands might explain the relative few visitors and is simultaneously making the experience a bit spookier. A gigantic castle (probably 56 rooms) with antique furniture, spire, patio, slim passages, and view; everything wrapped in a mysterious pupa. Outside the castle the tourist booths is abound with Dracula-kitsch.

    Gets fantastic, touching words from my nice childhood friend from Middelfart who has been down on his knees in the backyard in Amager… Got so happy and the shivering took long before they disappeared…

    Having comfort in the evening at the hotel while writing dairy, chat with the young people in the kitchen and an early exit Fjumse.

    On this day..


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