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    Day 47 – Brasov -> Snagov

    Stefan couldn’t find his key for the big chain lock to his bike this morning when we were about to leave, so he got hold of a man in the street, who momentarily conjured up a hacksaw, which in 5 minutes had sawed through the lock. Food for thoughts. To me it meant waiting time with Kundera.

    Nice, nice day through the Prahova-valley. The climb to Predael is long, but not particular hard. Beautiful view to Mount Omul (2505 m) near Busteni. We leave the Transylvania and the Karpater-mountain range in good style. An insane car driver (for once a male one, cf. MetroXpress 26MAY06) is close to making a sandwich on me when he in a inattentive moment due to his cell phone is close to squeezing me between him and the row of parked cars along the side of the road. Sickness! I notice the trap in time and repay with yelling (have forgotten the language) and the dirty finger. Otherwise we are flying ahead today. Stefan Koch is a true rocket and behaves like he has eaten magic mushrooms for lunch. Over about 70 km we keep an average at 27-34 km/h at the flat distance after we have left the mountains behind. It is cool lying behind each others wheel and just go ahead.

    Near Snagov only 30 km outside Bucharest the capital (about 2 million inhabitants) we are turning off the main road to the Snagov Lake. We ask people about possibilities for spending the night/camping in their backyard, front yard, on the lawn between the road and their fence, but everybody wave us deprecating away to Astoria, a group of hotel buildings, where we by all accounts can put up our tents. But Stefan is totally kaputt and can hardly manage the last 8 km. I am totally exhausted too and the trip meter says 168,45 km which is the longest any of us has ever ridden on a bike in one day. Difficult to enjoy in the situation. The pasta and the vegetable sauce, the bread, and the Timisoana-hop are so well-earned tonight. 168 km… I must immediately get the yellow jersey!

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Day 47 – Brasov -> Snagov”

    1. Palle G.A. Says:

      Det er rigtig godt gået, har selv prøvet noget lignende for et par år siden i Tyskland, nå ja, jeg er født i 31, dog dette århundrede.
      Du fortjener ikke alene at komme i gult, men også tonsvis af klapsalver.
      Formaning: Pas nu godt på dig selv, vi er mange der følger dig, og de motoriserede trafikanter er ikke altid lige betænksomme over for selv fornuftigt kørende cyklister.
      Glæder mig hver gang at læse dine godt beskrevne beretninger, det er næsten som selv at være der.

    2. John & Zena Roberts Says:

      hi Nicoli,
      we have been thinking of you since our meeting in Slovakia, we thought our year long trip was an adventure but it no way compares to your adventure,you are making good progress you will be passed Turkey at this rate before Martin joins you,keep up the good work we will keep in touch,we are in italy on lake Maggoirie
      best wishes,
      John & Zena Roberts

    3. nancy Says:

      Hello Nicolai,

      I am Nancy from Greece, I am writing to give you only a tip, for the future. I think that you will go Azerbaijan via Armenia. I learn, from some Armenians’ friends, that the borders are closed and you can go via Georgia, but of course you have to check this.

      I know that you need to arrive there long time…

      good luck,

    4. Fjumse Says:

      Palle: Rigtig dejligt at hoere fra dig! Jeg blev oprigtigt glad og en kende roert over dine opmuntrende ord…Jeg passer altid godt paa mig selv og cyklen og tror paa skytsengle 🙂

      Kaerligst, Nicolai

    5. Fjumse Says:

      John & Zena: I’m very pleased to hear from you brits! That Kronenbourg beer you gave me right after my sweaty arrival at the camp site in Kosice, I’ll never forget 😉 Hope you are both still doing fine in your mobile home in Italy…As you all know adventures can’t be meassured against each other and your one year around Europe expedition sure kicks butt!

      I’ll give a round in the bar next time our roads meet again…

      Hugs, Nicolai

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