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    Day 1.036 – Speed boat + dream house (UK)

    Today is going to be a(nother) day that’ll stick to my memo chambers for a long time. We’re going to Janet’s holiday house on nearby Isla Barú with her kids, Tony (14), Danny (18) and their girlfriend/friends.

    But first things first, so Janet and I go to the supermarket to get supplies for the day. And it (as everything else around here) is done in style. Extravagant style. In other words, a new Mercedes E320. The WT-reader will know that I’m a big fan of cats, tennis, and cars (in no particular order) and the little spin around the blocks give me the horse power fix for today (little did I know that this was just the HP beginning of the day).

    Shopping in Cartagenas in Janet's Mercedes E 320...Great stuff!

    This is where I’m staying in Cartagena. In style. All of the 6th floor is Janet’s.

    Edificio Casablanca - my comfy home in Cartagena, Colombia.

    A little later the private captain docks right next to the apartment and picks us all up in a brand new 38 foot speed boat with some amazing power underneath it: 2×250 HP Suzuki outboard engines. That’s a lot of muscles.

    The speedboat's ready!

    The photos here seem real enough, but most of today I was in this dreamy bubble that made it hard to believe that this was really happening, that I was actually cruising in the southern Caribbean in the coolest speed boat, under the fierce sun, with great friends and a totally untroubled heart.

    Heavy machinery! 2 x 250 Suzuki HP...

    (Cursor on the photos for that little text box pop-up, remember)

    Caño del Oro fishing village just 10 speed boat minutes from Cartagena downtown.

    Fuerte (fort) San Fernando at the Bocachica entrance to Bahía de Cartagena...

    A mi me gusta!

    Caribbean speed boat cruising!

    See if you can spot the location of the dream house here.

    The wonderful holiday house on Isla Barú.

    I go all wow-wow-wow for the first several minutes when we arrive after the 30 min boat ride over to the Isla Barú. It’s a truly amazing place Janet’s got here. Everything’s been taken care of, the details, the bigger picture, the rocks.

    The wonderful holiday house on Isla Barú.

    Back to the horse powers. Tony’s got his own little toy here. A Yamaha 700 ccm quad bike, and I don’t hold myself back when I’m offered a spin. It’s a devilish 4-wheeled power house. The power of my 2-wheeler doesn’t really compare. I guess I get a bit carried away when I see a signpost saying “Playa Blanca” that I happen to have read about.

    Me on the aggresive 700 ccm Yamaha Quad on Isla Barú, Colombia.

    Playa Blanca, Isla Barú - Colombia.

    A local guy tells me it’s 3-4 km down the dirt road, not too far, so I head off towards the beach. Turns out to be double that distance, but I finally get there, take my beach shots (it’s an awesome beach), and head back, thoroughly enjoying the power ride on the Yamaha.

    At the Playa Blanca, Isla Barú - Colombia.

    The wonderful holiday house on Isla Barú.

    In the afternoon we cruise over to a nearby coral reef and go snorkeling. It’s good to be back under water (last time was on Moorea in July 2008), though the visibility is not all that good, probably due to the brisky seas of the last few days. Impressive coral “heads”, sea urchins and some colourful fish (No names. I ain’t no marine biologist, sorry) is down there.

    The wonderful holiday house on Isla Barú.

    What have I done to deserve all this beauty/luxury/kindness
    , is a thought that pops up now and again during the day. The answer? Don’t know, but I will be back if I ever find out…Promise.

    Birthday gathering in Cartagena. And Jesus was invited as well...

    It was a full-on day for me with lots of sun, horse power, happiness, friends, food (the real stuff and the mind stuff) – most of the ingredients that make up a nice dream.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.036 – Speed boat + dream house (UK)”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      Hi N,

      Ahhh…the good life. I think I would choose this over the mud volcano any day…but that’s just me. Does she need a live-in cook, housekeeper, lounger? I am sending my resume. 🙂


    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Lisa…

      Haha…Not sure if there’s any more space in the kitchen. But will check it out! 😉

      The Good Life. Indeed.


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