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    Photos added to album!!

    Fianlly we have pictures in the photo-album now!
    Right now only the pictures from Poland are available, but soon the rest of the pictures will be added aswell.

    The pictures in the album are sorted so that the first picture is the newest and the last picture (on the last page) is the oldest.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    Click here for Fotoalbum

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Photos added to album!!”

    1. Jonas Klinck Says:

      Spændende at følge med på siden her. Kan vi få en opdatering på Martins knæ, og hvornår han/du slutter sig/dig til turen igen?

      Mvh Jonas

    2. Stefan (someone tell him) Stefanzell Mare Says:

      Thunderstorm and broken riem and what’s next… a crazy danish guy, who tries to improve his average to 25 kmh…. What I’m doing here ?


      And we will go on !


    3. Jan D Says:

      Hej Nicolaj. Supercool tur du tager der. Dog synes jeg, at det ville peppe din – i øvrigt fantastisk velskrevne – turdagbog væsentligt op, hvis du kunne uploade et enkelt billede eller to SAMMEN med teksten, og ikke et galleri for sig selv.
      Men ellers; fortsat god tur, jeg håber Martin joiner dig igen snart.

      Rock on!

      /Jan D

    4. Eric Says:


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