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    Day 1.039 – An Anthropological Insight (UK)

    My stay here in Cartagena has been an interesting, eye-opening insight into life at the other, exclusive end of the socio-economic continuumn than what I’ve been used to over the last nearly 3 years of low-budget roughing it through the world.

    We’re probably all familiar with the occasional urge to get away from it all (the comforts of western, modern life), to get out there, get down to basics, see those African mud hut villages or some indigenous people of some remote rainforest dwellings. At least I know the urge.

    Travelling by bike you do get to see many of these exotic, rarely-visited places. When travelling by public transport you tend to hop from one sight/city to the next, from one so-called highlight (according to the litterature) to the next.

    One a bike you actually spend most of your time travelling between sight/city A and sight/city B, which implies two things: 1) Travelling is a lot slower (surprise), and 2) you get a great eye-to-eye level feel of the places/countries you’re travelling through.

    After 1.040 consecutive days on the road, I’ve become very used to this sort of grassroots travel, and I’ve learned to feel comfortable in the most basic, Spartan settings, in the most rural/isolated places.
    Thus, my super comfortable de luxe days here in Cartagena with Janet and her family have turned all that I’m used to upside down, and the stay has provided me with an unforgettable glimpse into a life style that I find quite compelling and exotic.

    As a social anthropologist as well as a private person, all niches of life, life styles, humankind hold a distinct intrinsic interest to me.

    Tune of the Day: Butterflies and Hurricanes – Muse

    On the way to Isla Barú...

    Janet’s got some errands to do “on the island” (meaning her second house on Isla Barú) and I happily tag on to her knowing that it’ll be another great day on the water…

    The speed boat!

    Nicolai - in luxury.

    Because life’s not all just hedonistic, I go for a little run (8k) once we’re back in Cartagena in the afternoon. Legs are happy as puppies to get a bit of exercise again. Soles of the foot not so – my (new) sneakers turns out to be more of a show-off than a real sports shoe and the little run leaves me with a nasty + watery blister.

    Evenings here are mostly spent relaxing in the house, doing lots of internet stuff on my laptop, catching up with the world around me, chatting with Janet, Tony and Danny, looking at maps, reading the daily paper etc. It definitely has an element of routine (that my normal nomadic bicycle life is totally devoid of) and I do love it!

    Every minute of it…

    On this day..


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