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    Day 48 – Snagov -> Bucarest

    The toilets at Astoria’s camping area have become dilapidated and look like something which hasn’t been used for years… Spider’s web, used toilet paper in unhealthy colors, no electricity and without water… Hmm.

    Bikes today the last 45 km to Bucharest – in spite of yesterdays marathon distance the legs are fine. Am a little anxious to know how the security in the city is (you do hear a lot J) and do not feel like cruising too much around and show all the nice equipment. In the city Stefan has a contact address which we find and are welcomed by the Berlin-couple Hilke and Harald and their 7-year old son Jonas who is crazy about Rasmus Klump! They are both school teachers at the Goethe Institute in Bucharest. They have been here for 3 years and return to Berlin this summer. They live in the fashionable embassy district in the northern part of the city. We are offered accommodation in their apartment, but decide to put up the tents at the cement in front of the house, so we don’t interrupt their privacy too much. Super. Hilke offers cappuccino in the patio in the sun.

    Stefan and I go to the bike dealer Bebe to get Stefan’s rear wheel fixed. This Saturday there is busyness in the shop and I’m waiting more than 5 hours before everything is fixed and Stefan has got a new rear wheel, new spokes, a new chain and a wider smile! According to Bebe my creaking at the pedal arm is just due to “bad montage” as he said and tightened the bolt. Midnight sun at Piata Drobantilor.

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