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    From South -> Central America (and a map) (UK)

    Dear all,

    On Tuesday 17th of February 2009 I’ll be boarding the 50 foot yacht “Sacanagem” that will take me (and some 11 other travellers) from Cartagena, Colombia to Puerto Lindo, Panama (near El Porvenir). It’s a 5 day trip with the first 2 days sailing across the open Caribbean waters, then 2 days exploring, relaxing, snorkeling etc. on the San Blas Islands (politically and juridically part of Colombia, geographically closer to Panama), before hitting Panama (and Central America!) proper on the 5th day.

    I’m very excited about this boat ride.

    Am less excited about the outcome of my bowel shakings once we hit the open sea, which was really rough last week around Cartegena but seems to have calmed down considerably the last few days. Fingers crossed and sea sickness tablets packed. I’m not a strong sailor (Danish readers: see more here).

    I’m equally less excited about the 350 USD payment for the trip. I guess, that with all food, accomodation on the boat, transport included, the price’s not that bad. But it is a big chunk of my budget for this month nonetheless. Thank God I’ve been able to save on the expenses staying with Janet here in Cartagena.

    Some things – like breaking up with loved ones – will always be painful… 😉

    Central America (and my 5th continent (as CA is part of the N. Amr. continent) in WT history) here I come!


    (Click just below the map for a larger version)

    Vis stort kort

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “From South -> Central America (and a map) (UK)”

    1. Mia Says:

      Sorry to hear you might suffer of sea sickness. I thought your expedition was supposed to go by bike as much as possible? Of course you would have to backtrack a bit, if you should cycle to Panama from Colombia. But maybe you can rent a water bike to do the trick….

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Mia…

      Cycling from Colombia to Panama wouldn’t really involve any backtracking. Problem is there aren’t any roads going through the Darien Gap, the wilderness area on the border betw. the countries.

      Going via Turbo in Colombia would still involve boats to get to Panama.

      So yes, I bike Wherever I can!


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