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    Day 49 – Bucarest

    Crows in the trees and the paranoid dogs on the other side of the wall did all they could to wake me up early in the morning. Stefan has a bad stomach today and lies fallow most of the day.

    Hilke arranges a sumptuous breakfast to us including her husband Harald and the son Jonas. My cornflakes – long expected – is a hit even though the warm milk about room temperature made me recall the udder milk the other day in Fagaras. Pleasant time at the breakfast table. Jonas shows me with a clear pride his whole collection of Petzi-books (the German edition of Rasmus Klump).

    I am wild about getting out and experience Bucharest and spend most of the day nosing about with the Canon camera and the antennas out. See among others the House of Parliament which is the second biggest building in the world only surpassed by Pentagon. It is a crazy product of the former president Nicolae Ceauşescus’ megalomaniac thoughts. Monstrosity rules supreme. Generally Bucharest is a really nice city, but hard to characterize in these short paragraphs. Buildings become dilapidated everywhere, but the city is alive and behind this dilapidation you sense a sprouting spark, and the whim of fashion has found its niches in the city too. Gigantic boulevards, parks, and places dominate the expression of the city. See shot holes from the violent riots in 1989 which resulted in the fall of the Communism (i.e. Nicolae & Elena Ceauşescus). See the place where Ceauşescus in a last desperate try to pour oil on troubled waters filled the rabble with childish lies and false hopes of the future which even the children wouldn’t believe. Afterwards he and the wife ran away from the city in helicopter, but were soon caught and liquidated after a trial which many today finds hasty and unfair in spite of the palpable hate for the president and all his misdeeds. Bla-bla – the history is catching and it hits me that it is only 16-17 years ago since the history’s dark birds flew over the city… In the meantime I just ran around in Middelfart as a happy 13-year old teenager and played soccer and tennis…

    Going to Atheneum, the beautiful concert hall and cultured pearl of the city in the evening and listen to a concert in the genre “contemporary music” by the percussionist Robyn Schulkowski and the trumpet player Reinhold Fridrich. Really nice concert hall. Robyn was crazy and jumped around while she strikes. Now and then they seemed hopeless untalented. I don’t have knowledge of that genre, but had a lovely time in the soft seats. Swallow a pound of strawberry after the concert. Chat with Hilke at the terrace in the evening.

    Tone of the day: I Want Your Love – Transvision Vamp

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