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    Day 51 – Bucarest -> Ruse (wild camping)

    Tone of the day: Ophelia – Kashmir (were send back to Nørrebro today when I heard this lovely song from the always good Kashmir-boys… Ouch!)

    Hilke had again served up the big breakfast table for us, and Stefan cel Mare act the mocha master in the kitchen. Leaving the lovely family and just past midday we departure from Strada Sofia 6 and Bucharest. The weather is again perfect and we are heading against the Bulgarian border. The Danube river make up the natural boundary between Rumania and Bulgaria and across the river is a 4 km long so called “friendship bridge” even though the name sounds more like pro forma than real friendship. A pretty big moment for me to cross the border across the Danube. Had heard of a Bulgarian “ecological tax” at 10 euro which everybody is supposed to pay, but to us there was only laughter, smile, thumps-up, and a pair of gaping looks from the frontier guards when they heard about our long biking trip. They let us pass with a “gute Reise!” Yeehaa…

    Get the sun lotion and the dirt from the roads washed off my face and arms at a filling station which supply me with pure water in the drinking cans too.

    Stefan and I find a suitable place for wild camping on an earth road near the main road. Soon a farmer is driving at this (totally deserted we thought) road. I stop him and ask whether camping is okay. He shakes his head and says “Da-da” which means “Yes-yes”. One of the small fascinations by crossing the border to Bulgaria… A nod with the head means no and shaking the head means yes. Elevated spirits and we are pleased by the recognition of our shelter for the night – and by already having become acquainted with the Bulgarian reverse yes/no-gesture.

    Slowly I feel the confidence in my self in accordance with this outdoor life with camping etc is growing week by week – a very pleasant feeling.

    Stefan and I enjoy the first Bulgarian beer and name us self The Rockets of Varna (explanation is left out this time…)

    On this day..


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