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    On Supporting WT – A Happy Project.

    I got a comment today from Lisa in the US as a response to this diary entry.

    Because of it’s relevance to the WT-project, I’m posting the comment and my response:

    Hi N,

    Oh please, allow me to play armchair psychologist! Your naysayers are jealous of your good forture. This is psych 101: by putting others down in their up times, they feel better about their a) lack of drive; b) fear of the unknown; c) inability to make a plan and commit to it; d) sorry ass life; or e) all of the above.

    On a separate note, I do not know how many people send money to your project, but as I have mentioned to you before, if people who are viewing this link appreciate photography, art, architecture and/or going to museums, then they need to cough up a little cash to show some appreciation to the artist and hard work that goes into a project of this magnitude. I have wanted to say that for a while.

    All you people reading and viewing need to support this! It is art and beauty!! Let go of your jealousy and revel in the fact that someone is actually doing what you don’t have the cojones to do (not you, ladies).

    Enough said.



    …to which I responded:

    Dear Lisa…

    I love it when you sit down in that psychology chair of yours! Don’t move from it and please keep spreading your wisdom. 🙂

    Just to clear out: My note about the (possible) WT-naysayer was based more on a personal feeling that some people might get tired of all the ever-positive blablahs.

    But what can I do, when this is how I perceive life, the things in & around me, and that’s how I want to represent it. Through my eyes. Unplugged and unfiltered (well, there might be a filter here and a deliberate omission there). 😉 I do hope that I manage to plant a few seeds of motivation and goodwill in the lands of doubt and hesitation.

    Curiously enough, my website is enjoying more hits now than ever. And the fact that WT gets around 10.000 hits a week these days, suggests that I should just forget about these ponderings and just keep rocking.

    Maybe the reason to this feeling is deeply manifested in me, and in the Danish psyche in general. Dunno. See this for more. But I never really liked or believed in that concept, the Janteloven (in Danish).

    Lisa, I appreciate (of course I do) your take on WT as a cause worth supporting.

    As for the supporters of the project, I do receive a lot of moral support, and for that I am very grateful and I quite literally couldn’t do without it.

    When it comes to the kind of support that gives me butter on the bread, as we Danes put it, the financial support that is necessary (and even more so now after I decided to extend WT with a whopping 2 years until 2010) for me to continue and see this 4-year RTW-expedition to an end, well, it leaves much to be desired, to be honest.

    Yes, it is a lot of work keeping WT up-and-running and I dare not think about the thousands (sic!) of hours I’ve spent nursing the WT baby since its conception in the winter of 2006. Yes, I am living my dream these years, and I do enjoy every single minute of it, but still, it’s a dream project that needs support.

    This is an egoistic solo project and I’m doing it for no one but myself, but since I’m sharing the adventure in words and visuals, I sometimes wish that the economical support was just a trifle more consistent with the effort that I put into it.

    Thanks for bringing it up, Lisa.

    Enough said! 🙂


    On this day..


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