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    Day 52 – Day 52 – Down the Bulgarian hill with 75 km/h…

    Tone of the day: Apocalypse Please – Muse (fantastic biking music in my ears when the sun is shining and the wheels purr).

    Reach a top speed at 75 km/h which is the fastest a bike underneath me has ever moved. Moreover I cycled the fastest 100 km in 4 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds. 125 km in exactly 5 hours. A lot – probably for most – meaningless numbers, but when you almost daily are in the saddle and look at the little bike computer and read its different numbers, then you (read: I) easily make small games and put up different goals (e.g. reach a certain city before a certain time, hit the first 50 km before noon, reach a certain average of the day etc.). They are, in addition to the more obvious motivations about a bike travel (like nature, the freedom, the unknown), helping keeping the motivation right where it’s supposed to be.

    We are biking fast in the kind of boring landscape today. The game of the day is therefore to get the average of the day elevate and during the day I see the possibility of reaching an average at 25 km/h, which I have never been near before. The music from Muse, Coldplay and Travis keeps the mood up in the red area and when I in the evening reach the place where Stefan and I pitch our camps the VDO bike computer says 25,02 km/h. However I have no intentions trying to repeat this for the present – the dear German was left behind continually 😉

    The donkey here in Bulgaria has moved a place forward on the list of preferred draught animal compared to Rumania, where the horse without competition has got the first place.

    We have now pitched our camps right outside Novi Pazar next to an earthy driveway, which leads to some houses up the road. Totally perfect and short time ago we got permission from a fat man in his Dacia 1320 car.

    It is really nice that Stefan is so unhampered and cool when we are going to find a place for wild camping. He won’t let him knock out by the reason that the ground we are camping at is private! The rain starts falling as soon as we have put up our tents. Enjoy the dinner in each of our tents. Nice with some privacy and Kashmir accompany the delicious sandwiches.

    On this day..


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