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    Knee update

    x-ray knee #2

    It’s been a really long time since I made an update on my knee situation and my further plans with the WT expedition. One of the reasons is simply the I haven’t myself been aware of how serious the injury was and how the forecasts could look like.

    A short summary: Already a week into the expedition I got pain in my knee and it just got worse and worse. No watter what I did including resting, execise or countless of adjustments to the bike. I decided to go back to Denmark to get some proper treatment. That was approx. a month ago now. Time flies.

    It was a incredible wierd feeling to be back in Denmark again but of corse it was great to see a lot of the people that I had said goodbye to and not expected to see again for a loong time. I’ve had a lot of focus on my knee and have had pain most of the days. It has been almost impossible to bike – just 15 min. on the bike and the pain begins.

    To make a long story (kind of) short. I had several treatments both phycial and medicine and been in contact with different doctors. The latest doctor is with Team Denmark and an export with sports medicine.

    x-ray knee #1

    The good news is that there is nothing physical wrong with the knee cap itself – it basically over-exertion. Meaning that I started out biking too much compares to the traning I did from home. It’s a real pity – but not much I can do about now. In addition I have a crack in the bone marrow onderneith the knee cap from a former injury and have just made the whole thing worse. The starting point has been a bit bad.

    Fortunately the pain is almost gone now (it took a month!) and I can start execising again. It’s not something that’s going to be fast – but I’m optimistic and hope that it will not take too long before I can join Nicolai again on the bike. To be realistic; it will probably take at least one month.

    That’s the situation as it is now.

    I spend the time here enjoying the short Danish summer (was it 7 or 8 days?) in Frederiksberg have, drink a lot of coffee, reading, concerts, cinema, party a little, being with friends and family, going on a trip to Budapest (and forgetting to bring my camera, can you imagine??) and in general just trying to enjoy to be free from work and major responsabilites for the first time in 10 years. fun.

    Thanks for the support and the emails I’ve gotten about my knee.

    – Martin

    x-ray knee #3

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Knee update”

    1. Søster Mette Says:

      Kære Bror, det er sÃ¥ synd med dine knæ. Selvom det er dejligt at have dig hjemme, kan jeg se at du laver smÃ¥ spjæt nÃ¥r du trækker rundt med din cykel. Det trækker helt klart i dig, for at komme ud at opleve igen. Du har fødselsdag i dag og jeg ville ønske jeg kunne have givet dig et par nye knæ, men du kender jo min økonomi.. hi hi 😉 – Jeg hÃ¥ber, ønsker og beder til alle der gider høre pÃ¥ mig i dette univers, om at du snart er klar igen!

      STORT TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Glæder mig til at fejre dagen med dig! – De allerbedste hilsner om god bedring og knus fra søster Metti

    2. rob thomson Says:

      Great news Martin! I’m glad to hear that your knee is getting itself back into shape. All the best for the rest of the recovery.

    3. big dildo insertions Says:

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