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    Day 1.041 – Would You Leave the Kitchen? (UK)

    I would fully understand if some of the WT-readers out there might have left the party due to all this “oh-life’s-great-and-I-feel-so-lucky” rubbish lately. I do understand.

    But I’m still keen on posting a) insights into (parts of) my WT-experiences, b) my takes on the world, and c) personal reflections, thoughts, perspectives. Be it in times of hardship or in times of living in a whirl of pleasures.

    I do sometimes wonder: Well, why do they (i.e. you, highly esteemed reader 🙂 ) care, Nicolai, if you did this or that, felt so and so? Up my arse.

    I do believe though, that if you don’t like the heat, you would have gone out of the kitchen years ago, wouldn’t you?

    Cartagena plaza by night...

    Tonight I meet up with my Swiss friend, Marc, that I met back in La Paz, Bolivia for the first time, and then later in Cusco and Lima, Peru last year. There’s a lot of catching up to do, and what better excuse for a row of beers…

    Nicolai with the massive 3L beer at the German beerstube in Cartagena.

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 1.041 – Would You Leave the Kitchen? (UK)”

    1. Zinar Ala Says:

      Hi Nicolai:
      Mucha suerte (Good luck) from Spain.

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