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    Day 53 – Day 53 – The Rockets of Varna have arrived at the Black Sea

    Have just found out that I really don’t like snails – and not at all those who are naughty enough to climb on to my tent during the night. There are rather many naughty snails here 70 km west of Varna.

    The chat is going on between Stefan and I while we are cruising towards the Black Sea – are very exited to see this enormous sea, which is tying Europe and Asia together. We make use of no one hearing our self-glorifying phrases and name our self The Rockets of Varna (alternatively The Kings of Varna). Reach in the afternoon Varna (310.000 inhabitants), nose a little about and cross the 3-4 km long bridge over a mouth of the river just south of the city in the suburb Galata. Here we find a comfortable little place for camping with smoke from the chimney, barking but nice dogs, hot water from the single beam of the shower, squat toilets and nice owners. View from the tent to Varna and the Black Sea. Wuhu!

    Take the city bus back to Varna. I get via e-mail and chat hold of Linda, our contact person in Georgia, USA, from Vacations-Abroad who we have a sponsor arrangement with (see Sponsors in the menu for more details). She will try to find an overnight accommodation for me (and in the absent of Pablo for Stefan too).

    Chilli Con Carne is on the menu. Peep around in Varna which seems to be a lovely, summer-like city. Lots of tourists (Bulgarian as well as foreign). Get some Bulgarian beer and have a lovely evening in spite of the physical tiredness in the body.

    On this day..


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