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    Day 54 – Day 54 – Luxury in Varna… Hmm!

    I have now got so far south and away from home that the squat toilet (the hole in the floor) gains ground. I haven’t tried it since my trip to Morocco in November/December 2005.

    This cycling life is simply too crazy and unpredictable! At the net-café I get an e-mail from Linda from Vacations-Abroad and another from Antonio, who owns apartments here in Varna. A couple of mails backwards and forwards and at 18 o’clock by the Opera house I meet Antonio’s mother Stefka and his little nephew Serge and walk hand in hand to the apartment Linda has booked for me the next three days. It is difficult to understand completely. The mother doesn’t speak English at all, but she shows me around in the apartment, which is pure luxury to me: 2 rooms, toilet with bath tub, kitchen + living room with washing machine, water kettle, TV (cable), 2 balconies, furnished and everything completely new-repaired and shining.

    A review of the apartment, which is the “fee” for living here, will probably soon be available the homepage for Vacation-Abroad. See by the way the link Around The World at their homepage).

    The mother soon comes with a bottle of Bulgarian red wine as a gift of welcome and I am very overwhelmed. Then I talk in cell phone with the owner Antonio, who is at Santorini, Greece, just to get some details about the apartment. Get the keys and pick up Stefan at the internet café. We take the bus back to our tents in Galata and are quickly packing our stuff, say goodbye to camping mummy and the favourite dogs and cycle happily towards Varna in the evening light. Look forward to welcome Stefan to this temporary luxury. The mood is euphoric, exalted, we are “high-5-ing” as teenagers and do not understand that the apartment is ours the next tree days. Red wine has seldom tasted as good as this bottle. It is indescribably nice to be here, and the music from the VH1 TV canal (the best in the world!) gives together with the red droplets and the German company in unaccustomed luxury the Worldtravellers expedition an unexpected turning. The culmination of the day is a city tour where we end at the bar Copacabana at the promenade which is full of life and holyday mood… La Vie Douce!

    Tone of the day: You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Kim Wilde

    On this day..


    6 Responses to “Day 54 – Day 54 – Luxury in Varna… Hmm!”

    1. Linda Jenkins Says:

      May I ask why you are bad mouthing your sponsors? I do not consider this professional in any way. And it does not incline me to continue with sponsorship.

    2. Linda Jenkins Says:

      I guess I am paranoid and I cannot read Danish.

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Linda…I really don’t understand why I would be bad mouthing you or any other of our sponsors. Where did you get that from? I’m just shortly explaining the good news about the flat in Varna, referring to your website in a positive way. So there’s absolutely no need to worry…


    4. Karsten ITK Says:

      Hej Nikolaj. Tak for gode rejsebreve, jeg følger med i turen så ofte jeg kan. Dit levende skriftsprog giver farverige billeder af stemningen undervejs.
      Virkelig livsbekræftende læsning.
      Keep smiling.

      (en tilfreds sponsor)

    5. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Karsten…Det er godt at hoere – tilfredse mennesker har nu altid vaeret langt rarere at have med at goere. Men som du jo ved, saa skal der mere end en regnvejrsdag til at vaske smilet af mig 🙂

      Venligst, Nicolai (i Nessebar, Sortehavet, Bulgarien)

    6. Bex Says:

      Hej Fjumse

      Mig og AC har lige booket 14 dage i Rumænien fra 5. til 19 august ud til sortehavet – total afslapningsferie.

      Var ellers meget tæt pÃ¥ at tage til Nassebar…


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