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    Day 55 – Day 55 – Sun and music – the favourite elixir

    I have to get used to this fully equipped apartment with electricity and hot water as you like, TV, chef knives, water kettle, refrigerator, freezer, oven, balconies etc. The morning goes slowly with breakfast at the little, sunny terrace, VH1 sounds from the television, holyday mood in the apartment and sporadic tries to mentally understand that all this luxury is mine the next days. A huge tiger jump from the simple earth-under-the-nails-existence which so far has been most of the expedition. Feel that the travel – this invaluable jewel – has got a new polishing on an already richly faceted and rich-rich gem.

    The day is spent at the nice beach at the green sea and I am nursed by abundant amounts of my favourite elixir, sun and music. It is not only the batteries in my iPod that are completely recharged. The bath water is nice and I romp about and fight against the waves but have to give up the fight.

    Tone of the day: Twist of love – Sidsel Ben Semane. Fantastic energy in the young singer making her début in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song suits the day on the beach well, but it got pressed hard by Weezers Undone (The Sweater Song) from a completely different genre.

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