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    Day 58 – Nesebar

    Argh! Jonathan Livingston Seagull – my ass!
    Was awakened at 4am by screaming seagulls perched on the tiled roof right outside the apartment. The sun is coming up in the east. I am nearly comatose from tiredness. My body is screaming too- to go back to bed and sleep more, but now that I am awake, I get up and discover a little sound file on Archos Hard Drive of maritime mammal sounds.

    Relax in the sun on the superb terrace – way into the afternoon. Fantastic. I write my article for METRO while listening to a ton of music.

    Why is every other song about love?
    Is it because music is love’s most important channel of communication? Or is love the prerequisite of music?

    Tune of the Day: Tunnels – Arcade Fire (this tune gives me a boost of energy- better than any sort of vitamin pill!)

    Nesebar is full of day trippers from the surrounding beach resorts. Although a bit too massive for my taste, Nesebar Peninsula is quite nice- and absolutely well worth a visit.

    I cruise around in the afternoon sun. Lovely day.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 58 – Nesebar”

    1. Iulia (RO) Says:

      hello nicolai! it’s iulia. I see you were in Nesebar (bg). It’s a great island, right? 🙂 I was there last year.. you should also go to Sonnenstrand; it’s somewhere near Nesebar. It’s where the sand is like gold (they say so) ;P

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hı Iulıa…Yeah, Nesebar sure is quite a nice place to hang out for a few days. Nice atmosphere there. I didn’t spend any time in Sunny Beach, but had lunch in nearby Sozopol…Nice to hear from you! Hope everything is fine with you in Sibiu…Nicolai

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